JPetition it's a non-commercial component, which means:

  • Author of the program does not receive profits from the project
  • The project is developing as a hobby of the author
  • Your support is very important for us

Please help us to improve the component "JPetition"

In comment to the donation you can specify the address of the site, your name, or email address. These data will be displayed on the board of honor, along with the amount of donation.

The list of those who help the project, is located here in the bottom of the site.

TOP sponsors information will be posted on home page of the site.


Wallets for Cryptocurrency donation:

Bitcoin (BTC): 1D3u5FYPeKCtRwCgci5NBUei4PLbDHJ6gF

Ethereum (ETH): 0x252E535E6336d8c6A9f809882c5De30171a913FB

EthereumClassic (ETC): 0x1E96f3994232270505ec355Ae5b81849931F51B4

Litecoin (LTC): LZw71hHBcpiviuSNBRkGHMJq2j3wdmrHYi

Dash (DASH): XtYvzDadj11KaTr6hEhHgpC54GtCMKWzM1

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 1NUQkW4eLMMc4x8X39GTVn2s3WVRKCfYWk

If you made a cryptocurrency donation please send us a message with the Transaction ID and information what you want to display on the board of honor.